Vps Or Dedicated Server

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I really struggle with some of these discussions, where people emphatically state that you 'must have A or B', that 'X is always better than Y', that 'a VPS is definitely better' or you 'need a dedicated server'.

It really all depends on what your needs are. It depends on the specific site or application, what you are going to be storing, what the traffic levels are expected to be, whether it is something highly dynamic or just serving static pages, etc.

Maybe shared hosting will work just fine for you, maybe you need a VPS that is going to be very quickly and easily scalable up or down as traffic changes, or maybe there is some specific reason that you need a dedicated server.

But there is no one size fits all solution, message the hosting provider you are using or interested in using, explain what you are doing and what you need, and see what they recommend. If they can't answer your questions in a way that makes you think that they are actually a human who is listening to what you are saying instead of reading from a script, if they don't seem to know what they are talking about, or if you feel like they are just a salesperson who is trying to massively oversell you something you don't need and can't explain why, then walk away and message someone else.
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Simple, Xeon. Quad Core. 16 CPUs

You know your box is ready for heavy loads and more, with VPS you will run into speed fluctuations and along with other displeasing features.


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I would advise starting with a VPS or cloud option so that your infrastructure may be flexible. Consider switching to a dedicated physical server once you have determined your resource demands.