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Managed vps hosting comes with a vps and its management(from installation, configuration to security hardening) done by the hosting company. And, if you are a beginner, it is better if you go for managed vps.


If you are well versed with managing a server with either Windows or Linux then unmanaged services are good at cheaper prices.


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Highly recommend going with a managed server. The cost is not much and most companies now offer managed servers. With unmanaged servers, a lot of hosts charge you later for simple issues like restoring backups, specific installations, etc
In managed VPS your hosting company provides you full support including technical and in unmanaged you will have to manage your VPS on your own.

If you are not expert in server management you can either go for managed VPS or buy VPS and appoint a server management company to manage it.


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Managed VPS is designed for webmasters who want to focus on business or have little knowledge about server management. The provider usually takes care of the technical tasks such as the installation of operating system, performance monitoring and security patches, so you can even use a managed VPS like a shared server.

For unmanaged VPS, you need to have enough expertise in server administration because you may need to install, update and manage everything by yourself without any help from the provider. The provider is responsible for the availability of the physical machine only.


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Managed hosting is designed for those who aren't skilled enough to manage a server by themselves, the cost of that service is comparatively high with unmanaged hosting. Reliable providers won't make you overpay for backups etc. You'll have free tech support with unmanaged hosting. The only reason to go for a managed service is if you are not tech-savvy and you don't have your own system administrator, in that case, it's better to focus on your business and get managed hosting.


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if you will buy managed vps hosting then hosting company provide you services off installation, configration, backup and security parameters with skype or call support and if you go with unmanaged then you will have to manage your vps on your own way for this you should be experties level of system admin in linux or windows.


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Managed VPS is best

Managed VPS is hosting Manged by hosting provider such as installation, backup, migration etc...


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The provider manages the VPS for you. You dont have to be much worried about the technical problems of the VPS, You can simply concentrate and put more inputs to improve your business part with our unnecessarily wasting your valuable time on technical stuff of the VPS. And the provider will give you certain free admin task or admin hour for free of cost.

In unmanaged hosting, you should take care of the A-Z.


With managed VPS if you face technical glitches at any point of time, you can rely on the provider to help you resolve these instantly for no extra fees. You will not have to be technically proficient to be able to handle these servers. You can completely rely on your provider to take care of the servers for you.

You will also not have to configure the servers since the provider handles everything. Whether it is advanced re-configurations or reboots, it will be the providers’ duty.


If you are well versed with the setting up, security, hardening, backup and other such management activities on your VPS, then unmanaged (also called self-managed) VPS is for you as this would save you the budgetary overhead of management services.

If you are a novice to server management world, then you must pick up a managed VPS instead
If you are technically sound and know system admin tasks then you can go for unmanaged VPS else managed VPS is best option where you dont have to be much worried about the technical problems of the VPS


There is so much to setup in terms of securing your server in the first place it is not just about installing Directadmin and you're done. If this is your first server then I suggest to go for managed.

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Managed VPS are fully managed by hosting provider which includes installation, configuration, server hardening, backup and other management activities on your VPS. If you're newbie then you can go with managed VPS.
On other side the un-managed VPS needs to be manged by yourself but added advantage is you gets unmanaged VPS in very cheap price as compared to managed VPS.


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Managed VPS (or Server) is the best solution for customer who dont have enough linux skills to administrate and secure the server by self.
A VPS is basically a server running within a server. One physical server hosts multiple virtual servers, each isolated from the others. In managed VPS the provider handles the setup, administration, management, and support of the server or platform application of the server

The top VPS Features are as follows:
1. It provides dedicated resources environment
2. The price is affordable
3. Control panel to control the hosting services
4. Scalable resources
5. Provides high loading speed
6. High security
7. Higher flexibility