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I wrote this a long, long time ago, but I think it still holds true today.

"When I attended Victory 2000 in Saint Louis, MO, one of the things I took away from Tony Robbins presentation was how dynamic “visualization” can be as a weapon in your arsenal for achieving success. Visualizing yourself as self-confident will do wonders for your career. Think positive. Think – I can do it."

How important is it really to think positive?

Colin S

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This sort of thing probably helps best with keeping yourself motivated to keep at long-term marketing strategies, as the incentivisation from sales can take some time.


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Many years ago a comedian I followed said (paraphrased) "how many times have you been to the hospital and heard everyone laughing? If they could laugh, they wouldn't be there"

The same is true of mental thoughts. We've seen people be successful just based on positive thought, and we've seen businesses close as the owners were in massive doubt which lead to business paralysis.

Positive thought goes a really long way!