Value Add Services - Your Thoughts


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I was just contemplating how some providers seem to be passing on an opportunity to showcase the value-add services that they offer.

Just throwing this out for discussion: What do you consider to be a value-add service?

  • Information about your customer support team on your website? I read a ton of profiles about owners, vice presidents and managers, but very little about the teams directly responsible for resolving day-to-day server issues. Possibly info related to response and resolution times? Certifications? Years of experience?
  • Content telling prospects/clients that you have a Knowledgebase, what's in it and how to utilize it.

Your thoughts?


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I love this question because these kind of conversations usually highlight easy ways to drastically improve client retention.

However, the things you mentioned (bio profiles on owners/staff members, knowledgebase, etc), while I am a fan of seeing them on company sites, they aren’t really value-add “services”. If you are asking about services, then in my mind, you can really set yourself aside if you start thinking about your business as any other customer–centric business and what do those offer that can be applied to hosting experience. For example, doing regular calls with your customers, talking to them about how they like the service, or learning more about their business or what challenges they are facing/solving can not only impress your clients but also give you ideas what you can offer as extra service either for free or for extra fee. Ideally, you‘d want to find something that’s easy and cheap for you to give away (knowledge/skills) that would provide significant value for your client.

Maybe it’s offering certain website services (maintenance, security scans, software installations). Maybe it’s providing marketing help or advice. Maybe it’s helping setup a merchant account, newsletter or Google Analytics. It’s the little things that you can do that will save the client time and money and will likely guarantee a long–term relationship.