Upcoming Brexit changes for EU domains


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Be aware that on 31 December 2020, UK customers could lose their eligibility to own .eu domains. The European Commission has decided to revoke domains registered to UK residents, and prevent them from purchasing new ones.

In order to keep any existing .eu domains and retain the ability to register more, registrants must update their registrant address or citizenship to one outside the UK and in the European Union. If changes are not made prior to 31 December, 2020, those .eu domain(s) will be deactivated.

If your registrants are unable or unwilling to meet these new requirements, they may want to consider replacing their current .eu domains with another option.

You may wish to notify your customers that own .eu domains about this change so they can update their registrant address or citizenship if it’s the case.

Once again, if they do not act prior to 31 December, 2020, .eu domain(s) will be deactivated


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That is absolutely brutal.
it is, just think, you need to be based in USA to get a .us domain, based in Spain to get .es domain and the same with all countries and now you cant get an .eu domain unless you are in the EU, and if you are in then UK then after brexit if your site uses .eu then you loose your site but anyone anywhere can get a .co.uk domain


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Also found this pertaining to Brexit https://medium.com/e-residency-blog...-anywhere-or-keep-it-after-brexit-b630d893f13 Curious if this really works?
Being in the UK i was curious, so looked into this of having to have a registered address within the EU to register a .eu domain. It will be an expensive and long winded process https://opentoexport.com/questions/set-eu-based-subsidiary-post-brexit/ and https://europa.eu/youreurope/busine...ness/setting-up-european-company/index_en.htm


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A few registrars are offering trustee service's to allow you to keep domains, not that I could vouch for this approach.