TuchaMetal service


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TuchaMetal service

TuchaMetal service is powerful physical servers in Europe for clients who cannot use virtual machines for one reason or another. The service is useful for working with highly loaded web projects, which have increased requirements for computing resources. For example, this may be the task of:

• hosting high-load online stores or other web projects;

• hosting large-scale online games;

• application development;

• storage of large amounts of data, etc.

More details: https://tucha.cloud/en/services/tuchametal

Among the features of TuchaMetal:

• data storage in certified data centers (mostly in France);

• guaranteed service availability of 99.9%;

• the ability to choose the necessary software and operating system;

• full user control over the machine resources;

• use of the TuchaBackup backup storage is included in the price (in the volume of the rented server disks);

• the best technical 24×7 support.

Contact us and we will help you find the right cloud solution for your task! Email us at sales@tucha.ua or call +380 44 583-5-583. Tucha is always in touch.ays in touch.