The Chimpanzee Affiliate Program - Up To 3 Months 100% Commission| They Play, We Dont


The Affiliates Program, offers the possibility to start a reselling buisness without any commitment. Specifically the reseller can refer one of our hosting or server packages to a client and get paid the first two (2) months of subscription as a commission. X is reffered to any plan's monthly price (thus free trials are excluded) listed in this site, for which promo codes may not take effect. Getting into detail, if the package costs X euro/month the referral/resseler's commission is double the X euro. Best seller's bonus; Sell more than 3 pakcages a month and get three months of 100% commission (3X euro). The main advantage of the program is that the resseler is commitment free, meaning that he/she is obligated neither to any contract ,nor to any kind of pre-payment. All advertising or promoting process is up to his/her ability and/or possibility as long as it does not violate ChimpanzeeHost's "Terms of Service" and/or ©COPYRIGHT rules. All payments are in EU euro and transactions are only via PayPal. Resseler gets paid every after each subscription payment is completed and as result the 2X amount of money is splitted in two with a month inbetween payments.

Candidate's needed skills :

- Professional level of English
- Team Player
- Good Communication Skills
- Willing to work and learn

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