Tech Support For hire..


New member

I am looking for a support technicitian job. Currently I have no ties, and free game for anyone to approach. I have done my best to supply you with a list of what I am familiar and what I can do.

  1. Advertising the services of the company
  2. Taking care of billing, and in general customer support. I can help them with Website Design, Coding, general error trouble shooting, etc
  3. I can use a forum, helpdesk, live chat, msn, aim, and will download anything needed for use of support.
  4. I consider myself wise in the language of English, and small bits of french. Not fluent in French.
  5. I can do graphics (Banners, Buttons, etc)
  6. I can code small modifications to software, and occsionally come up with some of my own snippets and programs when I have the time.
  7. I can do basic flash design. Good for buttons or banners.

    Please note that I work cheap too. I am willing to consider any budgets, etc. Although will not work for hosting, and prefer payment in paypal.

    PM me, or please contact me via AIM with the username Yappitized

    Thank you,
    Andrew West