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SSL is not a guarantee of complete safety. Despite the fact that SSL is an encryption protocol, a security measure designed to hide and protect the traffic between the user and the web server, it cannot serve as a guarantor of security. ... When traffic is encrypted via SSH, firewall or router

There is many more things to think about when it comes to security.

1: Age of the company, and Domain... Clearly if a domain is a few weeks or months old then maybe you should be careful. You can check domain age here
2: Search Google for information on the company in question.
3: Check the site has a Referrer-Policy, Feature-Policy, Content-Security-Policy, X-Contenet-Type-Options, X-Frame-Options and Strict-Transport-Security Headers:

You can check your site here

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You will find all phishing websites (pertaining to be Nike etc.) would never purchase an SSL cert which was a clear red flag if you came across one of these sites, but now with free SSL certs these fraudsters are using these, so you will see the padlock and think the site is secure/trustworthy and safe.