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Hey guys,

I currently co-run a sports forum []. We've recently started up and one of the initiatives that we've taken on is to produce a sports magazine with editorials. Basically it's a community magazine with articles written about any and all areas of sport.

Basically, we are looking for dedicated article writers. Anyone that has an opinion on any sport is welcome. This is a non-paid job as we are a non-profit community. However, we can offer you recognition on the forum as well as in the magazine, with the name of the author being included in the article and most probably a special page dedicated to acknowledging all those that make the magazine possible.

So we're just looking for sports enthusiasts that want to express and opinion. Everyone has an opinion, and if you're even the slightest bit interested in sports, this would be your chance to express your thoughts.

We currently have a sponsor for photos, so basically we are only looking for content. We are looking for sincere people with a good heart. If you are interested please contact me on AIM [enewolverine], email me at, or PM me here. We can then discuss any particular questions you may have.

If you have any general questions, might be best to ask here, as there might be others with similar queries.

Thanks and I hope 2 hear from you,

The Wolverine:D
Hi Wolverine. I would like to write an article(s) for your magazine. Can you tell me what the frequency would be.
My main areas would be College Football/Basketball and NFL, NHL, MLB.
I also follow Aussie rules football and UEFA cup football.

Let me know if you need some input in these areas, via PM.

just for general info, right now the frequency of release for the magazine is fortnightly. So an article or two submitted in that timeframe would be excellent :) Basically you are free to post articles about any area of sport. The idea is that people express their views through editorials, and as such it can be about anything. PM'ed you as well :)

The Wolverine:D