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Im trying to install clientexec from softaculous on a fresh install of centos 7 with cpanel also on here. Ive run into errors with ioncube. Ive made sure the box is ticked in tweak and also that its activated within apache. I'm not having any luck where softaculous isnt recognising the correct ioncube installtion or well that its even installed. Ive used google and forums to try find someone else thats had this issue but no one seems to of had it. Any ideas? Ill post the error that comes up below. Note that the current installation of ioncube is 10.4.3-1.1.3

" The following errors were found :

Required ionCube Loader version greater than equal to 10.2.0 AND found version is :
Installation Failed :


Thanks in advance for any ideas that i may not of tried.


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I don't use either, however, have you verified that the user account that you're installing into doesn't have a custom PHP version assigned? Verify that it does have the correct PHP and IonCube is enabled for that particular user.

You should be able to configure a phpinfo.php file, load it up, and verify that IonCube is loaded. If not, that's the first place to start.


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Recently we have noticed lot of issues/bugs with the softwares installed through softaculous and their support takes too much time to get it fixed.