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We Heal Servers, Customers, and Your Business!
We are 24×7 professional outsourced web hosting support team and one of the best server management company with unmatched quality that enables you to deliver high-quality online customer service and server management.

Why Choose ServerHealers? Our Official Partners

We thought to first list all the reasons why you should choose us. But let's start with our official partners because maybe after that you may not need other reasons to choose us. :)
We have two official partners - "RedHat" and "LiveChat". If these industry leaders trust us and choose us as their official partners, what other reasons you want to choose us as your support partner?!

If you want to know more details and reasons to choose us, please click here: Why Choose ServerHealers?

ServerHealers Reviews and Testimonials

You all know how easy it is to create fake accounts and write positive reviews. There is one place where it's actually impossible to write fake reviews - LiveChat Inc Expert Marketplace page: "".

ServerHealers Workstation Setup and Infrastructure

Only qualified and skilled techs won’t make the best outsourced support company. A well equipped office with best hardware and software are also needed to provide super fast and reliable web hosting support. You normally don't see any support companies talking about their workstation setup, connection speed, and office setup. ServerHealers is an open book and you can find the details here: Best Server Management Company

ServerHealers Plans for Server Owners

ServerHealers 24×7 managed proactive server monitoring service is suitable for web hosting companies and server owners to ensure maximum uptime for their servers, services and network devices. High-quality monitoring with the lowest price! One of the main advantages of our server monitoring plan is that we let you choose what services you want us to monitor. Pay only for what you use.
More Details: 24x7 Managed Proactive Server Monitoring

Per-server management plans are suitable for server owners who need high quality – low cost server management services. With this $28 plan, you will get truly unlimited server support. You can ask us anything ( Eg: PCI Compliance, Server Hardening, Server Optimization, Hack Recovery, 3rd-Party Application Installation..etc ) and we will get it done! You will also get 24x7 server monitoring that costs $5 absolutely free with this plan!
How can you offer unlimited server support for just $28?!
More Details : Per-Server Support | cPanel Server Management | Plesk Support

These one-time support plans are well suitable if you are not looking for a long-term server management plan with us. Eg - We can help you improve your Google Page Speed score. As you know, getting a high Google Page Speed score is important. Because this rating also affects your Google Search result ranking and SEO rating. If you have high Google Page Speed score, you will get more clicks, customers and business. ( Please check: ) If you want an example of one of our optimization work, please check and you may also do a test on our site using - GTmetrix or any other site optimization testing tools. Our current GTmetrix PageSpeed score is 97/100.
More Details: Web Hosting Support Services

ServerHealers Plans for Web Hosting Companies

These “Pay Per Ticket” support plans are right for you if you are just starting up a web hosting business or if you currently don’t have that many servers or customers. Let the experts handle your customer support department!
More Details: Pay Per Ticket Plans

  • Pay Per Chat Plans ( Only $2 per chat! ) | Best suitable for startup web hosting companies.
Hire ServerHealers today! If you need trained and qualified chat operators to provide support, sales and billing related chat support for your web hosting business. We are official LiveChat Certified Experts!
More Details: Pay Per Chat Plans

Shared Support Plans are designed for the web hosting companies and server owners who need reliable and low cost web hosting support plans. Very affordable web hosting support plans with no compromise in quality.
More Details: Shared Support Plans

Semi-Dedicated Support Plans are designed for web hosts who need higher priority than normal Shared Support Plans but not ready for fully Dedicated Support Plans. Semi-Dedicated Support staffs are shared with only two clients which mean more priority, efficiency, and low cost.
More Details: Semi-Dedicated Plans

Dedicated Support Plans are our most premium web hosting support plans. Dedicated admins will work exclusively for you. You will be the only client and you can manage them exactly like staffs working at your office.
More Details: Dedicated Support Plans

Do you have any questions? Contact our Sales team or click on the Live Chat button on our site.


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Hello Everyone,

We recently launched the new and updated version of ServerHealers - SHv2 ( )

ServerHealers Version 2 is truly a one-stop solution for all your web hosting support, server management, managed cloud and DevOps requirements, and It is more than a new logo and website. There are countless new additions. E.g., advanced automation tools, a new client area, a new order form, a more advanced and secured way to access servers ( without traditional SSH or Keybased authentications), option to view and download monthly server audit and monitoring reports from the client area, DevOps and Cloud management tools, customized and advanced monitoring system and even more!

We welcome you to try and experience SHv2, and do let us know your thoughts and comments!