Rewrite your content on a regular basis


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Just a heads up to those that have not updated their website in a few weeks/months/years - it's important to rewrite your content regularly.

New things happen all the time in the industry. Tools that were once great are no longer the "top dog," and that content should be updated to show a better process.

We recently rewrote content regarding Google's Disavow Tool, a tool that allows you to submit links for Google to ignore when it comes to SEO. These days, the tool is not really used much and shouldn't be used by those that don't understand all its nuances.

Anyway, we rewrote the article, which was last modified in September 2021. It had 1,145 words in the article.
We published the updated version on Feb 18, 2023 (about 30 days ago). The new article has 2,285 words, an increase of 1,140 words.

We went from having 59 different phrases actively queried in the last 18 months to now 129 different queries in the past 30 days.
Clicks etc increasing was normal given that it was "new" content that people wouldn't have seen, but the number of queries increasing and being searched (verified via Google Search Console) was exactly what we were looking for.

To really bring this into perspective. Our old piece of content had 1530 impressions in the past 18 months. The new content has had 3300 impressions in the last 30 days!

So, let that be a little incentive for you to rewrite some of your older content. Add some new things that have happened, remove some of the old junk that no longer belongs, and remove some of the fluff you likely added years ago that really doesn't need to be there. It doesn't have to result in longer content; better content is worth the effort!


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I have to agree with this.
I recently helped out a friend with their site.
The first thing I did was remove typos, grammatical errors, and generally tidied up the language and that alone increased the incoming traffic.
I guess that's because google noticed the update.