Require XEN VPS Host


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Contabo (No affiliate link. Not affiliated with them).
I like their packs. Had my eyes on the 3rd, 4th & 5th row packs on their site starting from the left. Unfortunately, their architecture is KVM. Need XEN.

KVM will be too slow for my requirements so say many people. Articles hint KVM slow and insecure and a new unstable boy in town compared to old, stable XEN. Hence, looking elsewhere.

I need to run a Web Proxy and a Search engine with a Web Crawler. Apart from the Web Proxy, I will build the rest with my beginner level PHP skills.

Been searching for a host for half a week now. Tired. Exhausted Google. Now trying Bing.
Only found 25% on google. Rest I found on Bing using same keywords. Bing better!
Probably emailed a hundred hosts now with my enquiry. Only about 10 got back to me.
Most hosts are based on KVM. A lot on OpenVZ.
Hardly any on XEN!

I need:
* Linux OS like CentOs 7
* Unlimited Bandwidth
* Free Control Panel like WebMin
* Remote Access to Port 3306
* Price not over $10/month.

On, I can get all that, but they don't have XEN VPS. Only KVM.

Can anyone suggest me a stable host with a good customer support and a good reputation ?