Report Generator 4.4.0 with a six-pack of new WHMCS insights! [25% OFF]

1. Report Generator For WHMCS 4.4.0

If you're used to thinking that keeping a finger on the pulse of your business can be easier said than done, we're here today with a module that will quickly prove otherwise – welcome the enhanced Report Generator For WHMCS!

Having just released the 4.4.0 version, we’ve implemented as many as 6 brand-new reports which will empower you to go beyond surface-level understanding and gain a deeper knowledge of your enterprise. More specifically:
  • "New Customers And Orders": Discover the number of new customers along with the flow of orders, both incoming and completed, within your chosen timeframe.
  • "Product Revenue Per Client": Gain an exclusive glimpse into the revenue generated by individual clients, be it for a single product or across their entire accounts.
  • "Promo Codes Usage Statistics": Investigate how much interest each of your discounts has generated in order to easily assess the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
  • "Ticket Tags": Look through the tags assigned to new tickets during a specific timeframe, and put together a clearer picture of your support interactions.
  • "Services by Custom Field": Explore your offerings from a personalized perspective with a view of your products and services filtered by custom field names and their corresponding values.
  • "Client by Custom Field": Delve into a wealth of information about your clients filtered by custom field names and their values.
Don't let the lack of insight hold back your business when you can reap instant benefits of modern reporting automation. Take full advantage of a colossal 25% discount for Report Generator For WHMCS and propel your success forward!

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2. Discover a new realm of marketing possibilities!

If you seek to go beyond the ordinary by adding a revitalizing hint of newness and personalization to your marketing strategies, you can best achieve this by using not one, but two of our powerful modules.

A compelling fusion of Discount Center For WHMCS with Product Cross-Selling For WHMCS is exactly what you need to delight your customers with dynamic discounts on related and recommended products that are carefully tailored to their unique shopping cart contents!

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