Reliable server


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The one that has the most uptime.

How else do you expect people to answer a vague question like this? ;)


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There is no way to answer that question briefly. You need to check support quality, response times. Location, network, check how much is managed and which aspects are your responsibility, etc... On the other hand, if everything is at above-average level - expect it to be expensive.

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People have to get their post counts up, seems the same on the smaller forums tons of these useless posts :smash:

Indeed, it's a very common pattern on many forums dedicated to servers and hosting stuff, specially hen the users want to increase post count to be able to do any kind of advertising. :D


The server which is good in quality or performance refers to reliable. But you have to decide the quality and performance


Your questions sound as if you were asking what is your favorite car is. So I will answer this. The most reliable host is the one that you are using right now. For real though could you please give is a little more info. Like what are you hosting and what kind of uptime are you looking to get.


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I would add: even if server is being considered as the best for many people, that does not mean it will be best for you.
Your dedicated hosted solution should feet your needs first of all. That is the major key here. Only after your own tests you can conclude that you've got the server with feet you best.


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I must say that I like Cloud Servers these days as opposed to dedicated servers. As I can upgrade or downgrade the hardware at a reboot.
This way I'm never paying too much, nor am I ever underpowered.

I'm NOT talking VPS!!!

I'm talking Cloud Server with High IOPS for SWAP, MySQL and Cache, and lower IOPS for logs etc. DiskSpace growable with a simple extendpv and resize2fs. (no downtime)


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For web server software, I would say FreeBSD with Apache. Linux with Apache is a close second though, and there are probably more engineers familiar with it.

For physical hardware, I've always found HP ProLiant to be the best. Your mileage may vary though and others may say Dell PowerEdge or IBM x Series.