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WHMCS Templates - Complete Websites!

Looking for a complete WHMCS website for your hosting/domain registration business? You've found the right thread! All of our templates are stunning and include everything you need in a web hosting website:

- Professional design made up of XHTML/CSS
- Fully editable
- Lightning fast to load thanks to the clean code
- Easy settings page where you can add your plan names, specs, pricing & links
- Fully integrated with WHMCS including a different homepage over subpages
- Shared, reseller, vps & dedicated hosting pages!
- Web hosting plan comparison tables
- Ready-made legal pages including Terms Of Service, Privacy Policy & Acceptable Usage Policy!
- Free installation!

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Ice Host

Ice Host is a ready-made WHMCS website. This website consists of a professional design, web hosting comparison page, terms of service page, privacy policy page, acceptable usage page, company page, easy to use settings page and it's wrapped up with a perfect WHMCS Integration. This really is a complete solution for any new web hosting business.

Price: $79.99 - SAVE 20% WITH COUPON CODE: 20offtemplate


Sequence Host

Sequence Host is a professional web hosting website which is fully integrated with WHMCS. This WHMCS themes comes packed with everything you need to in a web hosting website including a professional design with a big call to action on the homepage, comparison pages for shared, reseller, VPS & dedicated plans, complete legal pages & fully customisable pages. Whether you're just starting a web hosting business with a HostGator reseller account or you're a large host looking for a professional website Sequence Host is the perfect WHMCS website for you!

Price: $79.99 - SAVE 20% WITH COUPON CODE: 20offtemplate


Ruby Host

Ruby Host is an elegant web hosting templates which has been fully integrated with WHMCS. This template comes with everything you need in a web hosting website including shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated plan comparison pages, complete terms of service page, complete acceptable usage policy page & a detailed privacy policy page. Using the built in settings you can add your plan names, specs, pricing & WHMCS product ID's easily giving you a complete web hosting website in 5 minutes!

Price: $79.99 - SAVE 20% WITH COUPON CODE: 20offtemplate


Looking for a WHMCS Service?

No problem! We also provide and have been providing WHMCS installation, WHMCS configuration & WHMCS integration services for over 10 months with much success :thumbup:

If you'd like to discuss a custom service please contact us today with more details, we'd love to hear from you.

We Look Forward To Hearing From You

If you have any questions at all feel free to reply to this thread or contact our

sales department at sales (at) zomex com
or contact me personally at jack (at) zomex com

Thank you for showing interest in our services and have a great day!

Warm Regards
Jack Curtis - CEO


New template! & Testimonials

Orange Fusion - NEW!

Orange Fusion is a breath-taking website made for WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution). I called it "Orange Fusion" because the design is powerful with a hint of orange. This WHMCS template consists of a professional website, web hosting comparison pages (shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated), terms of service page, privacy policy page, acceptable usage page, company page (with pre-made content), easy to use settings page and it's wrapped up with a perfect WHMCS Integration. Whether your new to web hosting or looking for an affordable re-design this is the template for you!

Price: $79.99 - SAVE 20% WITH COUPON CODE: 20offtemplate



Just my (unsolicited) 2 cents about Zomex.

About 6 weeks ago I was looking for a template to use with WHMCS after a lot of looking around I went with Zomex.

Anyhow he was a pleasure to deal with, real friendly and went out of his way to help me.

I found his service and product top notch.

I highly recommend Zomex. SOURCE

Brendan -

I've always been a little skeptical when it came to buy any templates. One day, I saw Zomex offerings at WHT and I became in love with one of their templates. Decided to give them a try. I signed up and started communicating with Jack and 10 minutes later I had the new template successfully running along with WHMCS. I thought this would be an one time purchase, but then 1 week before WHMCS released their new upgrade, Jack contacted me saying he updated the purchased template and the guarantee that they'll be upgrading my template for free all the time, keep me satisfied. I had a great, great great service with Zomex!

Miguel -

I have been providing web hosting services for over 15 years. During all this time, I have never had a proper website. In fact the only one I ever created was made in Front Page. I wanted a professional site but only had a small budget to work with, so I never did anything and all my business was word of mouth. This brings me to yesterday. I happened to be on WHT, looking for web design offers and templates and came across Zomex WHMCS templates for sale. They had advertised a NEW orange layout which i loved. I sent an email to the email address on the posting, and with no time, I had a response to all my questions. I immediately place an order and paid the $20.00 for the configuration service. Installation was FREE but I wanted all of my plans, etc configured for me. Jack and myself started emailing back and forth right away, and within a couple hours the site was live and all my options, plans, info was perfectly configured. This has been the easiest process. Zomex has a top notch product and top notch CEO. THANK YOU!

Bryon Phillips -

Looking for templates who can integrate with WHMCS is not easy and not cheap also. Finally I found Zomex, ready made templates with content like (pricing plan, TOS, privacy policy, ect) and already integrate with WHMCS.

Now I already buy Sequence Host templates and the only thing is to setup the WHMCS configuration... Guess what this not easy and time consuming. Then I decided to back again to Zomex for order WHMCS Configuration and what me surprise it finnish before the date line.

The thing that make Zomex is different from others, was the customer service. Zomex given the best service and salute to Zomex CEO Jack to bring their service up to customer expectation.

Bobby Umbara -

I purchased the Ice-Host WHMCS website templates about 3 weeks ago. I have found the templates and corresponding graphic images to be of excellent quality.

The method that Jack has used to instantiate variables is simple to understand yet robust enough to handle enterprise level sites. Yet still be easy to make additions and otherwise customize.

Not "hard coding" text as part of the graphic images is an absolute plus also the mark of a professional.

I have looked at and even purchased several professionally completed WHMCS templates. Although some were very good. None are as complete or as easy to edit/customize as Zomex's web site packages.

If you are new to the hosting industry. Just starting out with WHMCS. You can not go wrong with one of Zomex's web site packages for WHMCS. The package will give your clients something very function as well as very pleasing to look at. The package will get you past that initial creativity hump and look professional while you learn the ropes.

Roger -

I bought last night the ICE HOST from Zomex and I must say the customer service is superior beyond all expectations. I started last night and by this morning the CEO of Zomex; Jack was emailing me back and forth non-stop all day. I completed my entire site in one day. He even showed me how to create extra pages and change code on each page, something I knew nothing about with a WHMCS website. I finally love my website. And now my customers have a customized all in one place to go to get all their hosting and domain needs. Thank you ZOMEX and Jack Curtis.

Niki -

Looking for a template for WHMS can be extremely hard. Well hard until I came across Zomex! from my initial enquiry through to setting up my template and continue help has been a breeze and would heartily recommend Zomex to anyone.

Andrew Craker -


Welcome Blue Blaze!

Blue Blaze - NEW!

Blue Blaze is a stunning WHMCS based web hosting website with a professional look. This template consist of everything you need in a web hosting website including a homepage call-to-action, 3 web hosting pages with comparison tables, 3 pre-made legal pages, a company overview base & much more! Exceed your competition's existing design instantly with this template and benefit from increased conversions and a higher level of visitor trust in your company.

Price: $79.99 - SAVE 20% WITH COUPON CODE: 20offtemplate



A warm welcome to Bright Fury & Heat Wave!

Bright Fury - NEW!

Bright Fury is a elegant WHMCS Template designed specifically to increase sales on your website. Not only is Bright Fury beautiful, it's also a feature rich package including everything you need on a successful web hosting website. From web hosting comparison pages all the way to legal pages, Bright Fury has you covered. Order today and watch your business rake the benefits!

Price: $79.99 - SAVE 20% WITH COUPON CODE: 20offtemplate


Heat Wave - NEW!

Heat Wave is a breath-taking WHMCS based web hosting template. With 4 hosting comparison pages, 3 legal pages, a homepage call-to-action, seamlessly integrated with WHMCS Heat Wave is a fantastic choose for you. Never before has it been easier & more affordable to have a professional website for your new or existing web hosting business. No matter how good your service is, you must draw visitors in by building trust and comes across as highly professional, Heat Wave is a big step in this direction.

Price: $79.99 - SAVE 20% WITH COUPON CODE: 20offtemplate



WHMCS 5.0 fully supported | V3.1 released!

Hello everyone,

Just a heads up that all versions of our WHMCS templates have been upgraded to support WHMCS 5.0. If you're an existing customer you will have received an email with more details.

Announcement: WHMCS 5.0 Support

We've also made a quick tutorial on how to update your template manually to support 5.0 (V1, V2 only):

Upgrade template to WHMCS 5.0