Outsourcing Support


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So I may need some help in the future and was looking into some outsourcing companies. One that I found was https://bobcares.com/. They seem to be reasonably priced. It has been many years since I have outsourced anything. (around 2006 I believe). So I would like to get an update on the current state of outsourcing and any recommendations for good companies to go with. Thank you :D
BobCares is one of the very few outsourced companies that have been in business for a very long time. It's definitely one of those iconic names. But while I don't know where their personnel is located, another company with all US-based staff that may have been in business for just as long is Platinum Server Management.

Disclosure: Platinum Server Management has been an advertising client of our community for a long time. However, I did receive a few messages from members over the years who tried them and were happy enough to stay.
I've heard good and bad things about both companies.
I believe it really depends on what type of service you are offering. I would only maybe suggest using either party if you do specifically hosting services. From our talks with them in the past this was basically what they specialize in. Mostly because it's easy enough to template out almost all replies. This was more focused towards bobcares.

If at all possible I would personally suggest hiring yourself and getting someone on board. We have staff in multiple states and also in Europe and Australia which really helps provide coverage around the clock 24/7 without having as many staff having to work weird hours that 95% of the people out there rather not work. Most people don't want to work 11pm to 7am.
I tend to use data centers that provide support on their hardware. Ive used 3rd party management but felt they only did the easiest of tasks.