NymNom Announces Free Domain Registrations For The Global Community


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NymNom has announced a program for free domain registrations for the global community.

Anyone, from Anywhere, can register a free domain in any extension offered by NymNom.

Furthermore, multiple domains can be registered in multiple extensions, allowing for one free domain registration in each available extension offered by NymNom.

NymNom has made the following statement -

" NymNom offers quality domains on a global scale.
We envisage that digital access and participation are fundamental human rights.
We believe that we can further a global citizen's participation in the information society, regardless of where they come from or where they are going.
Inclusion in the information society, regardless of where one originates, is a basic right, and a path from poverty and isolation.
A rising tide raises all ships. "

" By making free domain registrations available for Anyone, Anywhere, on the face of the Earth, we believe that this is a giant step in the right direction in realizing these ideals.
This is a chance for every single global citizen to claim a digital identity that is uniquely theirs, and build that identity into a true expression of self and being.
This may well be a pivotal moment in human civilization. "

" Everyone, Everywhere, should make this announcement known to as many people and organizations, as possible.
Everyone should share this with family, friends, and acquaintances, both professional and social.
Everyone should share this in all forms of media - print, radio, internet, carrier pigeons, message in a bottle, smoke signals, hieroglyphs, etc.
Everyone should share this on social media to all their followers. "

" End Communique ... "

Further Details Regarding Free domain Registrations ...