networking gear in use?


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Just curious what is everyone using for routing, switching and FWs these days for low cost? I'm still sticking to the used Cisco gear with redundancy.


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At lowest cost, one of our tenants is using Juniper EX4200 switch. Otherwise QFX series.

We generally use MX204 or MX480 routers in most of our locations.

We've been thinking of upgrading to the MX10000 series for some time now.


there are a huge number of options on the market today that can be considered as an alternative to cisco. This conclusion applies only to switches of the access level with a rather limited list of key characteristics, which are sufficient for an average task when organizing a network.
Namely Huawei, ZTE, D-Link, Zyxel


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For us, Routing is handled by the datacenter itself. We route through their firewall also. Then we just need the switch in the cabinet itself (we use Cisco equipment). We use to also run a secondary Norton hardware Firewall for times when we re-routed IPs due to inbound attack, but it's better to reroute that before going out to the switch, so it's handled by the main datacenter firewall.


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Cisco was always one of the greatest solutions. However, there are plenty of solutions nowadays which can "hit" Cisco productivity and stability. It all depends on the budget. But indeed, Cisco still one of the best solutions, imho.


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>Just curious what is everyone using for routing, switching

We use Juniper gear, a mix of MX204's and MX480's.

> for low cost?

This is subjective of course...


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we ar using MX960 as our Routers and they are really so fantastic and we are using Fortigate firewall for some parts of our network,