NetShop ISP Announces the Availability of IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) Solution



NetShop ISP, the Awarded Data Center & Cloud Services Provider, today announced a new IT solution that allows small companies and large enterprises shift to the next wave in IT – the IT as a Service (ITaaS) model.

What is IT-as-a-Service?​

Whilst the IT infrastructure forms the backbone of an organization, the expensive upfront IT costs and the complex on-going maintenance processes of the traditional IT solutions are the two major obstacles and headaches for most organizations.

As the technology evolves, there is an increasing demand by all Companies for the latest technological features & software, lower costs, enhanced security protocols, and dedicated IT support.

The IT-as-a-Service model provides immediate and direct access to IT solutions based on a subscription model which offers Customers the convenience of having to only pay for what they actually need with a minimum or even zero presence of in-house IT staff.

“I am grateful that NetShop ISP was able to act in a timely manner to address the emerging needs of the small and medium-sized businesses in Cyprus, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The IT-as-a-Service solution has been introduced to our customers since March 2020; today, we are happy to announce its availability to the public in order to help remote teams and businesses for their fast, secure and efficient transition into home working.” said Stefano Sordini, CEO at NetShop ISP.

Benefits of ITaaS for your Business​

NetShop ISP’s IT-as-a-Service solution delivers a turnkey solution with 24/7 Technical Support and Maintenance, Software licensing, Cyber security management – for a predictable monthly-based subscription charge and without any IT Hardware purchasing expenses.

Businesses of any size can benefit from the following features of our ITaaS model:

1. 24/7 IT Support

With ITaaS, you outsource all IT support and maintenance functions, and know that whatever time of day, your IT services are supported by a specialist team with a round-the-clock coverage.

2. Pro-Active Monitoring​

Pro-active monitoring aims to identify the symptoms or indications of a fault or issue before it develops into something that could cause a business impact. With IT-as-a-Service all of your core business IT components (VPN, Network, Software, Hardware) are under continuous monitoring by our 24/7 team to detect any alerts or abnormal behaviour.

3. Performance and SLA Monitoring​

A real benefit of the ITaaS model is that each business pays only for what it needs. Large enterprises with a business-critical IT infrastructure may require 30 minutes response time whereas a law firm can operate sufficiently even with a 4 hours SLA. We evaluate your business scope and we will offer the best Performance and SLA contract that matches your real needs and budget.

4. Cyber Security Protection​

Protection against malware and cybersecurity are an integral part of our ITaaS solution. This means that in addition to supporting your IT infrastructure, our team will also protect your systems, network and end-users (staff) from security threats. Your ITaaS infrastructure is protected by managed firewalls, endpoint protection, and web filtering.

5. ITaaS Subscription-based Model​

The concept of a subscription is what sets IT-as-a-Service model apart from its counterparts. Your business pays monthly only for what you choose to cover from the following scope of IT services:

  • Core IT infrastructure: Servers, Network, Firewalls, Databases
  • User Support & Licensing: Technical Support, SLA contract, Web filtering, Software & Anti-virus licenses

Scalability and Flexibility of Service Delivery​

As all of the services and software are provisioned from a secure Private Cloud, deployment of new software, users, licenses and maintenance and upgrades of the infrastructure is done seamlessly without the need of purchasing additional hardware or disturbing your business during working hours.

The ITaaS solution offered by NetShop ISP is provisioned from within our Global Data Centers in the countries where we operate; Cyprus, Malta, United Kingdom, Netherlands, United States and Singapore. Depending on your business’ structure and the locations of your offices we will deploy your Infrastructure & services in a Private Cloud environment at the nearest location where your business operates from.

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