Most reliable datacenter


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Reliable is definitely a relative keyword. There are a few things you can look for to help determine how 'reliable' a facility may be.

For instance, basic things such as redundant feeds for all cables coming into the facilities.

Power from two different grids and substations.

Fiber coming into the building from multiple different paths to help prevent human error. You'd be surprised how many service interruptions are caused by someone with a backhoe repairing a water leak or working on a street.

Backup generators & UPS systems, redundant cooling systems.

There's also "Tier" raitings, from one to four that many facilities can be judged by. Tier 4 being the most redundant (but most expensive as well). I don't think these are used as often now but it is a way to rate the services provided and the guaranteed uptime given out of a facility.


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Which one is the most reliable and reasonable data center now a days?
What's reliable and reasonable to me may be unacceptable to you. What are you specifically looking for in data center services? Do you need to be HIPAA compliant? A little more info will help us help you.


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We have had very good success with Quadranet. Little to no downtime that we have seen, and usually work with them to deploy new locations as opposed to seeking a new provider.


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This all depends on your needs and definition of "reliable".

Over the years, I've found RamNode to be incredibly reliable, but I'm smart enough to know that not everything is perfect, and, hey I can manage my own stuff.

In fact, honestly, I've never found a more reliable network than RamNode. They're great at what they do, for the price.


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Better you share the details why you need the reliable Data Center, If you wish to be reseller, or you wish to hire your own server. Mostly go with the Data Center within your continent. If you wish to be reseller the you may try with the Data Center proving you with the best facility to be the reseller.

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What location? What are your requirements from it? The answer to your question depends on your project in mind.

For us, Incero in Dallas, USA and Portlane in Stockholm, Sweden have been absolutely great.


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Tier 4 datacenters are the most reliable datacenters. You cannot go higher than tier 4.

That tells me NOTHING about their staffing. Which means if something goes and they take too long to replace/fix the problem then it could results in more downtime than a lesser tier that have a more active staffing and so on.

I even seen people mentioning that it take their colocation facilities days to replace a PDU. When those should be replaced ASAP or within 24 hours if it only "semi" critical (like not displaying stats properly or such).


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Which one is the most reliable and reasonable data center now a days?

everyone is reliable. everyone want to sustain for long run and anyone opening a dc should be serious about his business. just make sure to check the age of the company and what all carriers are they peering with.
I would consider any data center Tier 3+, 24 x 7 Tech Support and 100% Network uptime that keeps your business stable and sustainable.


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In Malaysia, either CX1, CX2, CX3 or CX5, well-equipped with reliable infrastructure. Just to name a few, cooling system, fire detection system, power redundancy and tight security.

Our servers are hosted in CX2, Cyberjaya, Malaysia.


Our company is using the Data Center OVH. We do not having issues with them only the support is a bit slow.


Any real datacenter that is not in someones basement but an actual datacenter location will be reliable. They want you to remain their clients. I think you need to start thinking more along the lines of where do you want it to be located and possibly what price range you are looking for.