Impact of Recession on IPv4 Sales


Although the total number of IPv4 transfer requests was down in May 2022, it is still too early to tell how the recession will impact IPv4 sales for the year. In general, economic recessions tend to have a negative impact on consumer spending, which could lead to fewer people buying new IP addresses.

However, there are also a number of factors that could offset this trend. For example, many companies have been forced to move their operations online in recent months, which has increased the demand for IP addresses. Additionally, some governments have started investing more heavily in digital infrastructure projects during the pandemic, which could also lead to an increase in demand for IP addresses. As a result, it is still unclear how the recession will ultimately impact IPv4 sales in the coming months.


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And which recession you are talking about ?
On the other side, there have been lots of discussion about IPv4 sales and availability. From all that I can say that for next couple of years, IPv4 is going remain hot. There are various reason primary one that big hoarders of IPv4 doesn't want to migrate to IPv6 to save cost and hassle. And there is no obligation of switching to IPv6. Yes, increasing price of IPv4 may push some IPv6 adaptations.