How to Pick the Right Domain Name?


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Hello friends,

One of my friends is looking to host their personal blog. The blog is basically related to the latest trends and topics of technology.
So, can anyone please suggest some tips or suggestion to pick the right one?


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There are millions of ways to approach the appropriate domain name for your friends blog. First, narrow down your list to domain names that aren't already leased. That should take some time as it seems every variation of domain names are already taken. Are you concerned with SEO rankings, and if so, the approach varies. If not, then just ensure your domain name is memorable. Confused though, as your opening statement was that your friend was looking to host their personal blog, but the title is Domain Name issues. Where is this blog currently published, or is it under construction?


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I have also searched a lot about how to select the best domain name, etc. Most of the webmaster says that it should be unique and easy to remember.
It should not contain any numbers or hyphens.
These are the right tips?


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Ideally something short and easy to remember is recommended. You want something that can easily be said over the radio or something and people will hear it and understand where they need to go. Also go with .com if possible, since the majority of people's first thought is to try the .com name vs .net, etc.


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Go with a domain name that you feel works best for what you are going to host on the domain, make sure its not too long and complex so your customers can find your website easier.