How to configure Lamp Server?


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Yea, the above TechRepublic article is awesome, let us know if you are facing any troubles while following any steps. :)
The installation steps some what varies according to the OS version so if you will Google it then there are many official sites which will help you for the detailed steps.


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Check out It should install fine on Redhat. It's free and, from my own experience, seems to have enough of the same features as cPanel that I haven't noticed anything missing. It will give you the full LAMP stack with only a few commands and then a GUI to control it all.


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I have never setup LAMP server before. Not good with sysadmin stuff, which is why I am using Cloudways PHP MySQL hosting platform, which setups the stack automatically. Installing LAMP is easy but configuring it with whatever framework or cms you are using is difficult. So I rather stay away from such hassle.


How to configure Lamp Server on CentOS and RHEL?

What's your experience?

You can visit this article on how to install LAMP on CentOS 7 / RHEL, all tests have been done on Mivocloud servers and it works 100%
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