How has your marketing change over the last 5 years?


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Has the way hosting companies promoted themselves 15 years ago drastically change over how they are marketing themselves today?

What marketing shifts have been the biggest for your business? Where did you spend most of your marketing dollars 5, 10 or 15 years ago versus what you spend on today? For example, 10 years ago you spent 80% of your marketing budget on banner advertising and today only 10% of your budget is spent on banner ads and 70% of the budget is spent on content creation.

This question only works with the assumption that you have a marketing budget to begin with.


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Most of my marketing budget in past years was via direct mail, but not so much today - although I still do. I don't believe in leaving anything on the table for my competition. Now, it's referrals and online lead generation, and my budget has gone way down.