Has cPanel weathered their price increase storm?


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Simply curious if cPanel has weathered the outrage of many web hosting providers after they last raised their prices? Did any viable alternatives emerge to challenge their popularity or do they still rule the roost?


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To us the issue is still existing and remain plain.
It seems to be a trend of price increase that will not stop there.
It is a liability for clients. There will be however a breaking point but the HedgeFund will have their way before then.
There are a few alternatives Direct Admin being one, but not only there is a working cost to migrate the clients will also feel confused.

John @ S4

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I think cPanel has weathered the storm perfectly well and will continue to do so. It's a standard, people know it, people expect it, and so many hosts will just pay whatever it costs to use it.

All of which is summed up by this reason for not moving from cPanel:

the clients will also feel confused.

I think this is not really so true to be honest. It's really only relevant for existing clients who are using cPanel on a hosting service which then changes their account to a new control panel, but that can be mitigated with some explanations and moving to something that is well laid out and intuitive.

Is cPanel the perfect UI, I don't think so, but a lot of people seem to be under that impression, to the degree that they look for cPanel themes for alternative panels. I don't think that should be set in stone though at all.


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Cpanel still remains to be a tool. One of many. The issue is: most clients are used to use that and sometimes that is hard to ask them to shift to alternative or different panel.


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it is like moving from window to linux desktop . it take time to adjust to new environment.
modern linux desktop can be as good as window desktop these days. there is also mac OS but it is mostly use by apple / iphone fan..