First impressions


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First impressions

My thoughts - There’s a perceived value to every contact you have with a prospect or client, online or face-to-face. To prospects, very often that perception happens within seconds. To clients, this may improve or worsen over time depending on your support. Both are important, but your primary focus should be to retain your clients, minimizing churn. It’s so much harder to acquire new clients than it is to upsell existing clients.

Your thoughts?


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My own 0.02 here:

As someone with damn near 20 years in this industry, and close to 40 years of computer, development, networking, programming, etc, experience.......

If a potential client comes up and makes a poor first impression, that's it... I'm not under any obligation to take their business at all...

I've had potential clients get all up in my face about being marked as 'fraud' (manually), demanding that I simply just 'accept' their order, threatening to do the whole social media whine and complain thing. All because I won't bow to you and simply accept your order. Sorry, that's not happening.

I've also had clients come up to me and politely inquire why. When I explained why, if they had a valid reason (not many, to me), and handled things like professionals, then I was more than happy to reverse that decision. Hell, one of those stuck around for quite a few years.

In the end, it works both ways. I'm pretty good at sniffing out the people who have zero respect for my time, honestly, and won't give them the time of day myself