Does Web Hosting effect SEO? I think so


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This is a highly debatable subject. Most SEO related things are.

There is evidence to support that a website hosted on a crowded shared server could cause the website to slow down and the content download speeds to be sub-par. Both of those things play a key part in how Google will index websites in its search console.

I guess the question is, how much does Google really quantify a slower website...

Anyone have any thoughts?


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Actually, it's not debatable, and hasn't been for many years.

Google has provided information on what can affect SEO rankings, and speed is a big part of it. As a result, the hosting plays a critical role. If it's not fast for the customer or user, then the website rankings will suffer.

That's just *one* part of SEO. How much of a part will not be disclosed, but I can tell you that it makes a huge difference in our clients' rankings when we move from from an slow host to an optimized cloud host environment - without doing any other tweaks on the site, just DNS response and Page response time improvement.

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Plus, regardless of SEO, nobody likes a slow website...

if the frontpage takes forever to load then I'm not likely to click through to any others.


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I agree with bigredseo. Slow webhosting indirectly impect seo performance and slow speed make higher bounce rate. There is another thing related hosting is IP, also effects the seo performance if it is blacklisted.


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Website speed is now key, so a overcrowded server will degrade the loading speed of that website, making it a big drawback.