Does datacenter location matter to you?


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Does the location of a datacenter matter to you if you're running a dedicated server or colocation server?
If so, why?


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it depends on what type of customer do want to serve! if your clients are in USA you can not have a dedicatd server or colocation in Hong Kong because their ping time will be more than 400ms


It should matter. Despite that one can use a CDN, the latency matters. It is much better to host data as close to the targeted market and users' locations as possible.


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Hell yeah! Most my customers are UK based so wish to give them the best speeds and latency as possible, which being close helps alot. Not just that it helps with SEO ranking, I doubt I get as many UK customers from Google if I had an Asian or an American IP.


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Yes, geographical location matters a lot. Game servers as well as other services need low latency to perform optimally with the desired targeted user group.


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Definitely. Hosting nearer your target audience is the way to go, along with using CDNs if you're global.

For example, SpeedyPage has a few PoPs in Australia, Singapore, US, UK and a few others.


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Yes, a data center that is closed to your target audience make a different effect on the business. If you are targeting the audience in India and you have USA based data center then the network ping will be high and also impacts your website's SEO. Therefore, you should get a data center that is near to your target audience.
Depending on where your datacenter is physically located affects how fast your website loads. It is likely that if you have servers located far away, they will cause data transfer delays. If this is the case, your users will experience website latency.


Yes it does as people mentioned before. Having slower speeds will not effectively give you the exposure that you need. Therefore hampering any online projects/businesses that you might be running.


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Security is important before location in the data center. After the fire in the OVH data center a short time ago, we had to consider every possibility and choose the most reliable data centers.


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If to speak general ,The physical location of server's data center can affect website's speed and latency. If server is far away from its users, information and data will have to travel greater distances. Its matter .


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Me personally, location really matters to us. Latency and where you are located matters more to the customer actually than it does to us. We are located in Ashburn, VA as it's basically the hub of the internet!