DC in Germany


Well i would recommend to choose leaseweb (netdirect.de)


do i need to go on

yes they have sites with country specific tlds, but the datacenter is in Paris France.

OVH has its machines installed in several datacenters in Paris and its surroundings:

* Paris 19, datacenter owned by Ovh, 2700m2, capacity: 350 rack space, available offers: servers for ovh.com websites, web hosting, dedicated servers lease, administrators' service: 24/7
* Paris 11, datacenter owned by Free Telecom, 300m2 capacity: 180 rack space, available offers: housing, ip transfer
* Redbus, datacenter owned by Redbus, 3000m2
capacity: 53 rack spaces
available offers: housing, IP transit
* Telehouse 1, datacenter owned by Telehouse, 1500m2
available offers: ip transit
* Telehouse 2, datacenter owned by Telehouse, 2000m2
available offers: ip transit
* Global Switch, datacenter owned by Global Switch, 15,000m2
available offers: ip transit
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Well I think OVH has its data center in parts of europe like france, germany, Uk. You must ask them once so that they can clear mine doubt TOO...:)
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i think what Bulltin is confused with is their Global Switch DC as Global Switch have DCs world wide and has one in Germany but the OVH Global Switch DC is in the UK as i did have a server on this through OVH, but i told them where to stick their server after one of my other servers had many hack attempts made against it with all the IPS showing originating from the OVH network and OVH refused to do anything about this even though they had copies of the server logs to prove this. these only stopped after i sent the logs and OVH replies to each of their DCs direct.
2 days later i got a phone call from their director of UK operations, who apologised and said it was not OVH policy to ignore hack attempts. i told him that i have an email from OVH which stated what was my problem they were only attempts as none actually hacked into the server. he then offered to upgrade my server with them FOC and offer me 6 months free hosting of the server which i refused and told him i can not trust a company that thinks hacking attempts are OK.
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Well yes you can say like i was confused because they have local ip of germany, uk, france, pland, cez republic and all of them are forwarding to France data denter. I didnt knew that but at first impression everyone will will judge they have data center there. Second, I had chat with a german friend in past and he told me they have theirown data center there...:(
In my opinion, there is only one good DC in Germany, this is Hetzner, very cheap, cool rates and fairly fast maintenance, unlike OVH)