Custom whmcs theme

Do you think its worth creating a custom whmcs theme to integrate with the rest of your website or would you say its a waste of time?
I've seen a few companies on here who just use the out of box theme just as is.


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The default theme is fine. However, if you've invested time and money into creating a unique look for your website, or if it's something that's important to you, then I'd spend additional money to make it fit with the rest of the site.
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thanks for the feedback. What did you think of the design of our client area? Its the new whmcs theme just changed the colour scheme and font sizes. It still needs more work.


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I personally think having a whmcs template matching the rest of your website gives customers that little bit more confidents. I see many providers use different themes and sometimes even different domains which completely scares customers off as they think their being redirected to another site.

If not the Xtheme template of WHMCS is good and can cater for any web design really.


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Personally, whether you are using WHMCS, ClientExec, Blesta, etc., if you care about your business then you should make sure the client area matches your website. This does not have to be a premade theme as WHMCS themselves offer an integration service to match client area to your website.

If clientarea does not match their website then this is a big turn off for me, just the same as those you have Knowledgebase enabled, but leave it blank.


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I decided on using WHMCS as my main website with an integrated theme. Yes this is a pre made theme, but it gets the job done. Let me know what you think.


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I'm going to be highly biased, in my opinion, since this service is in my wheelhouse. I can only speak to WHMCS and Blesta, but the default theme for both providers leaves much to be desired. There is minimal customization, and the disconnect from your primary site to your billing installation may be jarring.

A custom theme for either billing solution is an intense and often expensive endeavor. I would only recommend it if you're a business seeking a unique identity or value a high degree of consistency in your user experience. It can be valuable but overkill if you do not have a specific business case for it.

Premade themes can be an excellent low-cost option, but they are a dime a dozen. If you're going to invest in purchasing one, it might be worthwhile having it customized to fit your overall look and feel. Before taking the plunge, check your flexibility with the design, colors, fonts, etc.

Another option is a full-site theme. There are a few options here on the WHMCS side, but not so much on the Blesta side. These would give you greater control and allow the billing system to take the place of your site. Take your time and evaluate each one to see if it fits your needs.

I hope this is helpful to anyone in the future.


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My opinion is that it is better to spend some time styling the theme for your service. It will look much more solid this way.