Cloudflare Plugin for cPanel


I have a question for this community.
I would like to know some providers have installed Cloudflare Plugin in their cPanel server, I searched for the installation steps but found it's required Cloudflare Plartnership.
Is this possible without the partnership? Because the Cloudflare team rejected our application 2 times.


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Unfortunately no, not that I'm aware. The partnership is required to handle the full automation.

The only thing you could do is provide instructions to your clients on how to configure Cloudflare for free, and then your team would modify the DNS (if they kept the DNS with you).


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Well, they actually completely dropped support of their cPanel plugin. It works with the cPanel V1 API which is being depreciated. After reaching them out they did mention that they had no intention of updating their plugins.
They also made an official statement about it.