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CentOS Project versus CentOS Stream


HD Moderator
Staff member
I think most web hosting providers are aware by now that CentOS Project is being dropped in favor of CentOS Stream. I've heard many providers talk about migrating to either CloudLinux or Ubuntu. Your thoughts?

S4 Hosting

Active member
We are still open to other options, but our current plan is to migrate our CentOS servers to AlmaLInux.

I've installed the beta and migrated a couple of CentOS test servers over to it with absolutely no issues at all so far.

Also keeping a close eye on Rocky Linux and we'll make a decision sometime in the next month or two.

S4 Hosting

Active member
OpenSUSE Leap us another interesting possibility.

SUSE is repositioning it to be binary identical to their Enterprise Linux offering.



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+1 for Alma.
Igor and his team have done absolutely amazing on CL, and I love that he's giving back to the community like this

Ran the Alma migration script on a couple vultr systems, no problems at all. Will try a few other hosts I have access to shortly.

As I understand it, DA has added Alma to the acceptable list, which is also a good thing


HD Community Advisor
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+1 for Alma
The CloudLinux guys have shown that they can be trusted.
The control panel vendors will support this, so the VPS and Dedicated suppliers will soon have to supply it.
It's a no-brainer!

S4 Hosting

Active member
Alma is gaining pace rapidly, it's an install option when you spin up a new server with cloud providers like UpCloud already.

Curious about how Rocky will pan out as well though, their first beta release should be at the end of this month.