BitNinja vs Imunify360



We are using Bitninja from at least 1 year, but we have found most of their features don't work properly and incomplete or required more development.

Also, their price is a little bit high for 250+ users. So, we are looking for a best alternative for server security. If you have any experience with Imunify360 or any other server security software, then kindly suggest on this thread.

Many Thanks.


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Imunify 360 is exceptional, you definitely get what you pay for. False positive are very low, small footprint, captcha is perfect.


I have used both and I must say imunify is much more polished product. Bitninja is better at customer support but what to get support for if the product is expensive and not at part.


After a lots of research, and talking with Bitninja experts we decided to stay with Bitninja. We found they are continuously improving their features, and they promised to they will help us to resolve all our issues.


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I agree with the consensus above. Immunify is now better than BitNinja, this was not the case 18 months ago, but Immunify has a bigger development team with in-depth kernel knowledge (they are after all CloudLinux) however if the price is an issue CXS (Config eXploit Scanner) does a marvellous job at protecting machines for a one-off payment.


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of course my preference would be imunified. better quality and point target detection, lifter and very useful


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If you are looking for protection from vulnerabilities, the best choice is Imunify360
If you are looking for protection from attacks Bitninja
This is about my personal experience
But I prefer using it Imunify360


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In my experience Bitninja is a better solution for us because of the smaller "footprint" . We are operating with small VPS machines. With Imunify360 we've experienced higher loads (by up to 20-30%!) when compared to bitninja on the same server. This was enough for us to make the switch.


One more thing is that with imunify360 you get discounts for bulk pricing whereas BitNinja doesn't have any official rate list for bulk purchases.
We used Bitninja for 2 years and everything was awesome. Load was extremely low as it blocks attacks in a very awesome way. However we noticed imunify360 has a nice wordpress malware cleanup tool. So we switched. It cleaned sites beautifully but created heavy load on our servers even with realtime scanner off, we think its the new pam module or modsec rules they have, we even turned those off same outcome. We would average around 2 - 3 with bitninja now we at 12 - 18 with imunify360. Decided to uninstall and revert back to bitninja. Everything good in the world again. We may consider adding imunifyav to do cleanup checks each week or night until bitninja improves and has some autoclean system in the future.

I know alot of ppl like imunify360 due to them creating cloudlinux and kernelcare whic hare must have an awesome products but u need to look at what is best for you.


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I cant give you the most honest feedback, I had a client come to me with a hacked website, so we started up the process of looking for repair, getting it down to our localhost, we were in the stage of looking for backdoors its a painful process and never a guarantee unless you start afresh ( which is what I would have done. ) I had at the stage heard of immunity and stalled the site on a panel with Imunify and I was super impressed with all the stuff it found and removed, stuff that was missed by us, by GOTML. I then did a test when I inserted a backdoor script and it literally removed within a minute, before I could even get to execute it from outside.. I doubt it's completely failsafe but it's a great part of and defense arsenal for websites. Its done a lot more than I've seen some other very highly rated WAFs do.
Imunify360 is amazing and user-friendly but the big problem is thatno any options foe run from Cpanel account, I mean anyone of accounts user can not run and check their site should be run from whm
If you are looking for protection from vulnerabilities, the best choice is Imunify360
If you are looking for protection from attacks Bitninja
I was recommended Bitninja.
I run both bitninja and imunify360.
BitNinja is just as good i would say for vulnerabilities as 360Imunify.
Back when the log4j vulnerabilities was found. Before i could even patch cPanel manually.
BitNinja had already patched it.
Article related to this:

100% recommend


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We used both Bitninja and Imunify.
First, we had Imunify, just because Bitninja was kind of expensive to use it on all our servers. Later, when we made some changes and adjusted costs and became resellers, we changed over to Bitninja.
Why? We found that we actually needed more protection from attacks, rather than malware. With BN, if several servers running BN receive an attack from an IP's, it gets added to their global blacklist, and the IP is blocked on other servers running BN (other customers of BN); it can block the attacks completely before it's received - which is a major plus for us. It also has an integration with CouldFlare.
As for the malware side of things, we're pretty satisfied with them. Yes, we have had some customers infected, but we managed to clean them up. Yes, we have had some files only flagged as suspicious and asked for them to be manually reviewed. But, we've managed to keep our client's websites up and running, and that is the biggest plus for us.