Best hardware brand.

Dell r610 and r210 ii. Both have great performance.
I use them as backup servers and they do the job quite nicely.
IDrac is very helpful for troubleshooting issues or managing servers from different locations.
100% recommend dell servers for beginners. Support is great even if the server is well out of warranty.
Supermicro and Dell are both rated as the world's fastest-growing information technology companies, and everything is dependent on the quality of service and hardware.


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Supermicro for general usage. We employ HP Proliant for the hypervisors though, due to improved IPMI interface/features


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My preference is HP, I find them really easy to work with although we do a mix of Dell/HP I would definitely do look more for HP deals than Dells.

iDrac is quite nice and has some more functionality though than ILO but ILO has better features for IPMI and gives me less hassle.


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HP is #1 in my opinion. I had Dells, Supermicro's and HP's. Dell is the worst servers I have ever used in every way possible. I guess it comes down to preference and what you are filtered to.