backups and firewalls


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the place where i have my managed dedicated server...they charge way to much for weekly backups and firewalls.

is there a way i can install my own firewall thats cheap or free? and is there another way i can backup my sites?
You could try installing something such as BlackIce on the server to act as a firewall although it's not quite as good as a hardware firewall it's better than no firewall :)

Out of interest how much are they charging for the firewall?
but can i use BlackIce on a web server? it says its for personal use? i dont wanna pay 100 i want something simpler
If you want someting that's free and at a very simple level you could try using the TCP/IP filtering under TCP?IP properties for that network adaptor.

I agree that $100 per month for a shared firewall is expensive!
Sorry only just noticed this post!

To get to TCP/IP filtering you goto Network Connections, right click on your NIC, click on Properties, highlight TCP/IP, click on Properties, click on Advanced, click on the Options tab, highlight TCP/IP Filtering, and then press Properties.

If you need anything else I'll try and help.
There are a few ways to install your own firewall that are cheap or free. One option is to use a software program like TinyWall. This program will allow you to build a firewall for your computer using a simple interface. Another choice is to use a router that has a built-in firewall. Many routers nowadays come with this feature, so it's definitely worth checking out. As for backing up your sites, you can either do it manually or use a service like VaultPress.