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Are you going to get vaccinated against COVID-19?


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When the vaccine against COVID-19 becomes available, are you going to get vaccinated? 💉


Do you think you'll have a choice if you work, or have to go in public? I think the answer will be no to my question and yes to your question. :)


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No plans on this end - at least not until there are full testing and determination of effects. It's still too new of a drug to know what the negatives are.

And with that said, I know when I was younger I had the various required vaccines for Polio, Measles, etc. During the early release of the vaccine for Polio, it actually caused more problems than solutions. In one such report, 40,000 children were vaccinated with a bad batch which resulted in more than 200 children actually being paralyzed and a dozen deaths.

As with any drug, there are risks. Heck, even after all these years with Birth Control pills, it's only 91% effective. Does that mean people shouldn't take the pill? Probably not :)


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On average it takes 4 years to create a working vaccine, and this has been done in a few months by many different companies.
will wait a while to see any side effects, but in then UK i am one of 46 million and Gov. only ordered 5 million doses
I think it takes a long time, and no one can give an exact time duration, you need to take care of yourself by wearing a mask and use sanitizer