Anyone with experience with Orange Website in Iceland?


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I'm trying to decide between Orange Website, an Icelandic host with servers in Iceland, and Dreamhost which is entirely in the US. I live in the US but want to reach a broader audience, mainly US and Europe. The site is just a place to put up my podcast files through a webplayer so not a complicated site. I like the free speech laws in Iceland and it has good speeds to both europe and US. Does anyone have any experience with Orange Website and/or Dreamhost?

S4 Hosting

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What do you like about them? I'm concerned about their customer support.

I've never used their customer support so can't really offer an opinion on that, but do really like the fact that they use renewable energy, their attitude towards open source software, etc.

Our company S4 follows a really similar philosophy and aims to be sustainable and ethical, as well as giving very human support, like our clients to think of us as part of their team, and are always happy to help out.

We host everything in Helsinki, Finland which may or may not be interesting for you (we get pretty decent speeds to the US), but if it is then I'd be happy to talk through your project.


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Why is free speech laws so important to you? Unless your podcast attracts a gazillion listeners and is touching on some exceptionally sensitive or illegal topics that may get in any trouble elsewhere, you should place higher value in accessibility and speed, and that means being close to one of major internet exchange points. You can look them up online, but Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt are among those locations if you are looking at Europe.