Amir Golestan, CEO & Founder - Micfo International LLC.

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Amir Golestan, CEO & Founder - Micfo International LLC.

Company Web Site:

What did you do before you ventured into web hosting business direction?

First of all let me take the time to thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself and My name is Amir Golestan and I'm CEO and founder of Micfo Group. In 1995 I graduated from the University of Phoenix with a BS in Information technology and a MBA in 2000. A year before graduation from university, I established Micfo Group company and started offering web and graphic designing services. At beginning of 2001 we officially started offering high-end shared and reseller web hosting solutions.

When was the idea of going into web hosting industry born? What were the factors that influenced your decision to go into this industry?

The idea of going into the web hosting industry came to my mind when I could not afford any more damaging downtime in my own business. Another factor that led me into the hosting industry was the lateness of responses to the inquiries, from the other hosting companies, which could take up to 2-3 business days.

Briefly introduce your company's history and role in the industry?

Micfo International LLC. is a Micfo Group company and was formed as a company to provide Linux-based shared and reseller hosting services with an extremely high-performance network and high bandwidth allowance. We planned to offer high-performance hosting with a high bandwidth allowance without any added complexity or operating costs on the users' side. Within 20 months of starting operations, the company has successfully instituted its quality policy and also strives to maintain a high degree of excellence in the area of network connectivity.

There are thousands of other companies. In your opinion, what makes your company stand out? What would be the business philosophy behind it?

The reason that our company stands out among the others is our Great service backed by our World Class Support. Many companies have either great service or great support, but we are one of the few that have both. We have a great relationship with our clients, which helps us both work more effectively and quickly.

Please briefly describe the service(s) that your company offers.

We are an international company marketing world wide, serving customers from 63 countries. provides leading hosting services, hosting support and maintenance solutions.

Have you ever taken a bigger risk in terms of presenting innovative solutions or implementing something no else dared even to try?

Certainly. We are the first and the only hosting company that offers:
- 30 Day fully featured trial account along with world class technical support via 24x7 toll-free phone and e-mail. Majority of companies do not offer a trial account or if they do, its limited to maximum of 5 days, on other hand, no technical support is offered within this period.

- 12-months FREE hosting when you prepay for 24 months. That means 36 months of hosting for the price of 24 months!

How do you help your customers grow their business? Do you offer special tools/assistance that helps them succeed on the web?

Through our close relationships with customers and industry partners we are able to anticipate and meet the needs of webmasters and web hosting resellers. Delivering innovative, much-needed web hosting services that increase our customers' productivity and cost savings is why Micfo continues to grow and be recognized as an industry leader.

Also we have formed a partnership with the few leaders in software development and are able to offer the the industry's leading web-based solution for website design and construction. Our Website Builder Software (SiteStudio) and Fantastico come free of charge with every hosting package. This software doesn't require any knowledge about coding, uploading, HTML and etc. As long as you can surf the internet, you will be able to create your very own professional website.

Do your customers help perfecting and innovating your business? If yes, what is the level of their role in that?

Most Definitely. I believe one of the reasons that made it to the list of very successful hosting companies, in the era where technology companies come and go, is the fact that " we listen to our customers ". We have community forums where our valued customers post their opinions and suggestions freely. These suggestions are taken very seriously and each of them are reviewed closely. Once our senior management team agrees that this suggestion if for the company's good, we will take the necessary action in order to fit it within our operation! You can verify my statements by visiting our forums (

Your company's short-term goals?

Building our privately owned datacenter by mid-2006.

Your company's long-term goals?

Being recognized as one of the most reputable and well-known hosting companies in the world, offering shared, reseller, dedicated and colocation hosting services with the most competitive prices, excellent customer service and the most complete set of features available in market.

The best advice you have for someone who is just starting a hosting company?

Research, research and research.

Is there a fun part in your business? If yes, what would that be?

Watching your company grow day by day and hear how satisfied are your customers with the service level you offer!

The moment in your company's history that you're especially proud of?

Every single second that has been operational is what I am proud of. Since from day one our top priority has been customer service and satisfaction along with top-notch technical support! Nothing is more enjoyable than knowing your customers are totally satisfied with the service and the product you offer them!

How did you come to choose your company name?

So simple... Just we made up this be a brand. Micfo...

When you were a kid, who did you want to become?

While I was growing I changed my mind many times. But as far as I remember, I mostly wanted to be a pilot.

Other than being in web hosting industry, what is the other profession(s) that you would want to attend?

I'm quite happy to remain within the hosting world.

Many thanks to Amir for taking the time to complete this interview.
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