AIOSEO vs Yoast vs RankMath

John @ S4

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Of those three...

I'd always recommend a fourth option that isn't listed here and really often overlooked.

The SEO Framework - it's fast, light, and unobtrusive. It does everything most people need very well without adding a load of stuff that they really don't.


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Of the three listed, we use RankMath on pretty much every WordPress site. We have the RankMath PRO version for a couple of years now and love it. In terms of price, by the time you buy all the addons for Yoast, you'll be spending much more, for what I consider, an inferior product.

Skipping the PRO version and just doing the FREE version of RankMath is still very much worth it in my opinion. The ability to add up to 5 keyword phrases to help you optimize a page is something that's offered for free, but a paid service in Yoast. With the PRO version, it really opens the door when you're working with eCommerce sites, customizing SCHEMA and lots more. I don't use their Keyword Tracking, or their Analytics integration (I have my own tools/systems for that) but on the whole, I don't recommend anything else.

For clients that work with us, we remove Yoast and install RankMath Pro ASAP.
I use Yoast and RankMath quite frequently. And for the most part, the free versions do the job. But I have never used AIOSEO personally. Is it any good as the former two?