Advice me an alternatives for SolusVM, please.


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My vote is for SoulsVM control panel ,It is effective and user interface for manage and control the VPS's


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You can look at onApp too, they own SolusVM but hey have their own product too

Not as of today they don't.
Solus is now owned by Plesk. As much as I detest OnApp, I have to say that OnApp was a more appropriate solution for Solus.


#1: Plesk is just going to let SolusVM die. Ever heard of modernbill? Look it up. They did the same thing there in favor of their own billing system

#2: If you do ever see version 2.0, it will be so bug ridden it's not even funny. that's how Parallels likes to distribute stuff, crap.

If you haven't found a replacement, then do so quickly. Plesk is NOT a good move for this software.


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HyperVM is the no cost alternative.
Virtulizor (from Softaculous) is also worth looking at.

I would personally not go for the former, but many small companies have built a business from this.

We used to use SolusVM, but moved away due to the lack of progress seemingly made on verson 2.
Now SolusVM are owned by Virtuozzo, not sure what's in store for them, they could go either way.
I would say that virtualizor looks great for the end users - and that's the most important aspect when running a business, how it appears to the end user, it also integrates well into WHMCS, and IIRC, Blesta as well.


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There are many options for SolusVM like Achipel, VM Manager;
I would prefer Virtualizor
Virtualizor is a powerful web based VPS Control Panel. It supports OpenVZ, Xen PV, Xen HVM, XenServer and Linux KVM virtualization.