Advice me an alternatives for SolusVM, please.


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I've searched the forum any VM control panels, but SolusVM and Virtualizor. Is any alternatives, no matter free or commercial?


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VMWare ESXi its free for servers with 2 or less CPU but for more it gets expensive and alot of enterprise companies use it.


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Besides what's been mentioned, I see Proxmox mentioned, but don't have any experience with it. I'd vote for SolusVM, it's a solid product.


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It really depends on upon your requirements. SolusVM is now opened by OnApp and is now from quite a while working for the new 2.0 release. The new release would probably be way better than most of the mentioned panels here.

From a business point of view, SolusVM and Virtuozzo are two good products to go with. If you need a free alternative then Proxmox is not that bad either.



You can also try HyperV. With windows datacenter edition you can manage vm easily. For client side control panel you can configure MSP which client will use to reboot / stop / start vm.

There is module for whmcs as well so from whmcs admin panel you can create / terminate vps easily.


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We run Proxmox for a number of our customers have have been happy with it. The underlying virtualization is technology is all open source, KVM and LXC. Proxmox wraps a bunch of open source software into a nice, easy to use gui.

Their paid subscription provides support and easier upgrades.


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Proxmox is my recommendation. There are modules/plugins which allow you to directly connect it with WHMCS - making it an easy and safe route for VPS deployment.