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Stream 50MB 1.2GB Data Transfer $2.50 7 MYSQL
River 100MB 2.5GB Data Transfer $3.50 15 MYSQL

Standard Features

- Cpanel 4
- International Domains
- 24 hour Support*
- phpMyAdmin access
- Perl 5.6.1
- Server Side Includes
- PHP 4.22
- FrontPage 2002 - FTP Access
- Unlimited E-mail forwarding
- POP3, SMTP and Webmail Access
- Password-protected Directories
- Backup/Restore Site.
- Web-based Statistics
- Web based file Manager
- Preinstalled CGI scripts.


Unlimited Email Accounts

Unlimited Forwarders

Unlimited Autoresponders

Unlimited Subdomains (sub.domain.com)

Unlimited Domain Pointers

Unlimited Ftp Accounts

CPanel 4 control Panel



International Domain Names

Your Own CGI-Bin


Backup/Restore Site Function

WebMail for all Accounts

Custom Mail Filtering

Mailing Lists (mailman)

Ability to Modify an MX Entry

Spam Filtering

Webalizer Web Stats

Webalizer Ftp Stats

Analog Stats

View Latest Visitors

View Bandwidth Usage

Error Log

Raw logfile

Anonymous Ftp Control

Ability to change ftp login message

Ability to kill ftp sessions

Protected directories (htaccess editor)

Ability to Change Site and Frontpage password

Custom Error Pages


Ability to Edit Mime Types

Ability to Edit Apache Handlers

Search Engine Submit Tool

File Manager

Subdomain Redirects

Stats for Subdomains

Manage GPG Keys

Cron Jobs

Manage Mysql Databases (Add, Remove, Change Password, Add Access Hosts)

phpMyAdmin Access

PHP 4.2.2

Mysql 3.23.45

Perl 5.6.1

Java Script

Server Side Includes

Frontpage 2002 Support

Preinstalled Scripts
Interchange Cart

Agora Cart

XMB Bulletin Board

Java Chat

Html Chat


Cgi Wrapper (for non-suexec installs)

Random HTML Generator
Advanced Guestbook

Counter Generator

Java Clock Generator

Java Countdown Generator

Secure FormMail clone


Entropy Search

Entropy Banner

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