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    High quality KVM VPS servers in Antwerp, Belgium

    Hello all, Looking for high quality affordable VPS hosting? We can offer VPS servers from just EUR 20 / year (excl. VAT). Uptime and stability is our priority, that's why we've built a fully redundant environment. Our storage system is based on CEPH with only the fastest Intel NVMe disks. This...
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    [] Introducing annual storage plans starting at €21/yr

    Hello all, First there was,, and Now there is also Not all of us need superfast and expensive NVMe storage. Sometimes SATA storage is just good enough to store pictures, videos etc. At we are running RAID10 setups...
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    [MaxiKVM] Premium VPS from €29 / year

    Hello all, We first created which is already very succesful. Our clients love their machines, our support and even more the price! However, some customers required more juice so that's why we now created as well! Same low prices, same hardware, same network, same perks...
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    [] €16 / year Premium NVMe 10GE VPS. Free Anti-DDoS!

    Hello all, Looking for an absolute killer deal on a VPS? Our VPS will only set you back EUR 16 / year with minium specs up to EUR 22 / year with all specs maximized! Or you can choose to configure all specs to your needs and end up somewhere in between, it's all possible. All upgrades are only...
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    MiniKVM - € 16/yr 10 GBps NVMe KVM VPS - Full DDoS protection

    Hello all, Looking for a cheap VPS with high-end specifications? We offer the lowest pricing in the market yet you will get a VPS with amazing specs & features. What you get with this offer: KVM VPS with Virtualizor control panel. 1 vCPU Xeon Silver 4214 (Fair share CPU usage) 512 MB / 1024...