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  1. createcraig

    How to Pick the Right Domain Name?

    Ideally something short and easy to remember is recommended. You want something that can easily be said over the radio or something and people will hear it and understand where they need to go. Also go with .com if possible, since the majority of people's first thought is to try the .com name vs...
  2. createcraig

    VPS or Reseller?

    I would say that in most cases Reseller Hosting would be more affordable and easier to configure. Though a VPS can be very useful and more powerful in some cases, it will likely cost more and require more admin work than a Reseller package. It really depends on your needs, whether you would...
  3. createcraig

    Best Web Hosting Services For 2020!

    I believe the OP is missing the most important factor for a great host: support. I would suggest to stay away from GoDaddy, Endurance International Group brands, or SiteGround for these reasons.
  4. createcraig

    Domain Flagged for Suspicious Activity - Google Safe Browsing

    In my experience Google has a lot of sway on the internet, and when you get these sort of notices it's very hard to get it removed without contacting Google or the specific blacklist you are listed on and requesting your removal. I highly recommend virustotal.com, which will show you the list...
  5. createcraig

    Standing apart

    Considering that so few web hosts have great support, I believe that outstanding customer support is the best way for a web host to stand apart from others.
  6. createcraig

    How to deal with Rude customers?

    My motto: Empathy. Remember the worst customer service experience you've ever had. Remember a time when you weren't listened to by an agent in a support call/chat. Try to do the opposite. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer. Try to redirect rudeness with helpfulness, and in most cases a...
  7. createcraig

    Which is best SSL certificate ?

    Let's Encrypt works great and is free. But if you have a recent version of cPanel, you have access to AutoSSL and free SSL certificates automatically generated by cPanel (usually using Sectigo). It's really easy to put free SSL on your website, and I would only purchase a paid SSL for an...