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    16 GB DDR4 RAM stick with pre-installed 4GB DDR4 RAM

    Hello all, Is it okay to use a 16 GB DDR4 RAM stick with pre-installed 4GB DDR4 RAM? Thanks in advance
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    What are some of the fundamentals that drive higher conversion ratios online?

    Here are Some key fundamentals that will help you drive higher conversion ratios: The user experience Creating a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and understand, plus a seamless and smooth checkout process & ensuring fast loading times and minimal downtime CTA's Make sure...
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    How do I unlock an Access Database?

    How do I unlock an Access Database throght a Dedicated server?
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    Which is the best XEN or KVM VPS?

    Hello Hostslayer, Xen virtualization is a technology that allows multiple operating systems to run on a single computer. It can be helpful if you want to run different versions of Windows or to use a Linux distribution on your computer but don't have the space for it. Xen also allows you to run...
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    Is there any major difference between VPS vs Dedicated hosting?

    There are a few significant differences between VPS and dedicated hosting. VPS is short for a virtual private server, the server that gives a site its own resources. And in a dedicated server is a hosting where the site exclusively uses an entire server. VPS hosting is less expensive than...
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    Tips To Maintain Security On Your VPS Server

    Hello resellermaster, Linux VPS will help you in avoiding varied attacks and cyber threats. However, it's not a one-time task – excluding the best security practices, you will have to monitor your virtual private server regularly. Here are some security measures regarding Virtual Private...
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    What CPU for your dedicated?

    Choosing the correct CPU for your dedicated server is essential to ensuring that your system runs smoothly and efficiently. Unfortunately, various CPUs are available on the market, so it can be challenging to decide which one is best for your needs. Here are some factors to consider when...
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    How Valuable is DDoS Protection to You?

    DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are becoming more common, and the number of web hosts prepared to deal with them is slowly dwindling. DDoS protection is expensive to a web host's infrastructure, and many hosts do not include the resources to protect themselves from such a DDos...
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    Ways to choose the right Hosting Provider for you!

    There are numerous facets to consider when choosing a hosting provider. Here is some advice to help you choose the right one for your business: 1. Determine your needs. Do you need a simple host or a more sophisticated platform? 2. Consider the features offered by the individual provider. Some...
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    backups and firewalls

    There are a few ways to install your own firewall that are cheap or free. One option is to use a software program like TinyWall. This program will allow you to build a firewall for your computer using a simple interface. Another choice is to use a router that has a built-in firewall. Many...
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    What is unmetered bandwidth ?

    Bandwidth is the amount of data (in bits and bytes) that a computer can transfer in any given amount of time. In hosting, it’s usually measured in seconds. Unmetered bandwidth is what unlimited bandwidth wants to be. The amount of data transfer isn’t observed. So, if you have a 50Mbps...
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    Dedicated or VPS

    You can go with VPS hosting per your requirement if you have a new website. However, when your website has more traffic and needs a separate server, you can go with dedicated servers per your requirement. VPS hosting will be cheaper than a dedicated server, but a dedicated server has more...
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    Dedicated Server

    A Dedicated server data center will be loading your website for potential visitors. The data center has an essential part of web hosting, so you have to select it ideally. To take the best location for your dedicated server, find solutions to the following questions: a] Where are Your Users...
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    Dedicated server VS Cloud?

    Dedicated Hosting: A dedicated server is a type of Webhosting in which a client has the exclusive use of an entire server, and you have hardware choice, server configuration, and high availability. However, it is a high-cost web hosting from another, requiring technical knowledge. Nevertheless...
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    Dedicated hosting vs Cloud hosting

    Dedicated Hosting: You can use Dedicated Hosting if your website has high traffic and sensitive data. It is exclusive and does not share with anyone, and It provides an in-house functionality, but the providers own, manage, and operate it. It gives you hardware, operating system, and control...